The Company


The company TRADITIONAL KOULOURI THESSALONIKI’S S.A. operates in the production and packaging of bakery products since 1997. Since 2009 it is specialized in the breadsticks’ production, it made significant investments in the creation of modern facilities in the industrial area of Sindos Thessaloniki. From 2015 until now, new mechanical equipment is being invested and the production area has been expanded due to the continuously sales rising.

For many years, the company has participated in numerous exhibitions such as FoodExpo, Artoza, Artozyma, Detrop, Expotrof, both within Thessaloniki and in the capital region, resulting in the establishment of the best handmade breadstick nationwide, as well as reporting exports to many countries like Cyprus, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Austria, Romania, Norway and Canada.

All products are made by traditional bakery methods and pure ingredients from all over the country of Greece. Moreover, the company provides:

  • Strict control of raw materials and production processes.
  • High level of hygiene and safety.
  • Certified ISO 22000, ISO 9001, FSSC 22000 quality assurance systems.


The KOULOURI’s products are addressing to professionals, wholesalers, supermarkets, mini markets, delicatessen stores, bakeries, hotels, restaurants, café, bars, catering services, ferries, and much more. The product range currently counts over 100 active products, as it is constantly being enriched with new innovative tastes, in order to meet the market demands and offer delightful solutions for every preference.

The TRADITIONAL KOULOURI THESSALONIKI’S S.A. ultimate aim is to fulfill the market needs, while offering superior quality, product diversity and high quality services, so that our customers and partners’ satisfaction would be totally guaranteed!

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