Breadsticks “dressed” with chocolate! Various combinations of flavors, sizes and shapes for all tastes! Classy and incredible!


Cranberry – Chocolate Breadring: Breadrings filled with the “red treasure” of cranberries and covered with chocolate! If you prefer both good taste and nutritional ingredients, here is a snack for you!

Orange – Chocolate Breadring: A perfect combination of orange aroma with chocolate flavor!

Chocolate Breadring XXL: The king of the category! Our famous XXL breadring now with chocolate and ever more tasteful!

Mini chocolate breadsticks: Mini bites covered in chocolate! The perfect choice for a high-quality dessert in catering spots.

Sesame – Chocolate Breadstick: The all-time classic sesame flavor, covered in chocolate! What a delight! 

Chocobite: Mini wholegrain bites combined with rice flakes and dressed with delightful chocolate. The best snack for all ages!

Cinnamon – Chocolate Breadring: The ultimate cinnamon flavor meets the classic chocolate love and creates a unique tasteful snack that everyone should try!

Cinnamon – Chocolate Bow: The cinnamon’s beneficial properties form a new shape and dive into chocolate!

5 seeds – Chocolate Breadring: The total taste, aromas and nutritional elements of the 5-seed combination dive in the sin!


Enjoy them!

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