Mini Breadsticks

The new handmade “mini breadsticks” line has come to replace the traditional snacks HO.RE.CA did so far.

The new line fully covers the needs for a tasty enjoyment, without additional side dishes. With light, spicy and special flavors, with a Mediterranean aroma and few fats, it ideally serves your drink or beer. 100% guaranteed by “Traditional Koulouri Thessaloniki’s SA”.



Mini Breadsticks – Corn: Gold appearance and special taste for lovers of the corn genre.

Mini Breadsticks – Mediterranean: Great taste with aromatic Mediterranean herbs.

Mini Breadsticks – Spicy: An intense taste delight, meets the needs of every drink, even the traditional ones (ouzo, tsipouro).

Mini Breadsticks – Pepper taste : For all drinks and all dishes, with black sesame.

Mini Breadsticks – Sesame : High biological value, serves ideally cheese dishes and salads, instead of bread.

Mini Breadsticks – Mix Cheese : Great tasty option for salty lovers, the best company for every drink!.

Crits pick (MIX): Why settle for one flavor when you can have four? Corn, Mediterranean aroma, peppery sensation and spicy taste come to create a mix of four types, creating the ultimate snack and deifying your drink!

Mini Breadsticks – 5 seeds:  Highly nutritious, rich in fibers, vitamins, and nutrients. A snack prepared from different types of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet seeds, sunflower seeds, that can inhibit or even improve various metabolic diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal system.

Mini Breadsticks – Carrot: Carrot’s and dill’s freshness create a new and unprecedented flavor combination. An excellent source of antioxidants and beta-carotene.

Mini Breadsticks – Olive: The number one Greek product meets the breadsticks family! All Greek history and greatness in just one bite. A breadstick that honors tradition!

Mini Breadsticks – Curry: Curry, a protective shield against brain aging, that strengthens the circulatory system and protects the liver. A perfect companion on your night out!

Mini Breadsticks – Sun-dried tomato: A mini treat rich in vitamin C, lycopene and antioxidants. Ideal snack for your drink.

Mini Breadsticks – cookie : The familiar taste of German cookie makes its entrance on the Greek paths. Look for it!

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