The new fashion trend demands curves! Excellent snacks for all day, in many flavors, keeping up with a “superfood” diet and satisfying even the most demanding needs. Made in a traditional way with pure ingredients and the quality guarantee of “Traditional Koulouri Thessaloniki SA”.


Breadrings with Corn: Made from corn flour and dressed with a bright yellow color, soft texture and a special taste for lovers of the corn genre.

Breadrings with Cranberry: A wonderful combination with high nutritional value thanks to the “red treasure” of cranberry, valuable for the body’s defense. Sweetens the taste, fights infections.

Breadrings with Linseed & Sesame: The perfect combination for those who choose the miraculous properties of linseed, with sesame’s high biological value protein.

Mediterranean Breadrings: A snack filled with Mediterranean flavor. Thyme, onion, and basil combine their aromas and create the Mediterranean’s trademark! Let’s take a journey, shall we?.

Wholegrain Breadrings: Contains the entire grain of wheat (endosperm, bran, germ). Ideal high nutritional valued snacks for a balanced diet

Multigrain Breadrings (with sunflower seeds): The timeless value of the sunflower seed, a source with anti-inflammatory properties and full of magnesium, vitamin E, and antioxidant ingredients, creates an extremely healthy and tasty product!

Breadsticks with Sesame: The king of the breadsticks’ authentic taste. All time classic!

Breadrings with 5-seeds: A snack prepared from different types of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet seeds, sunflower seeds,

Breadsticks with Cinnamon: Breadsticks infused with the characteristic smell of cinnamon. Unique seasoning with important organoleptic characteristics, powerful antioxidant action and particularly healing properties.

Breadrings with Olive: The number one Greek product meets the breadsticks family! All Greek history and greatness in just one bite. A breadstick that honors tradition!

Breadrings with Carrot: Carrot’s and dill’s freshness create a new and unprecedented flavor combination. It is an excellent source of antioxidants and beta-carotene, which improves vision levels. This snack came to fascinate you.

Breadrings with Beetroot: A food circle filled with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and natrium. It provides great antioxidant effects, improves brain function and skin appearance,, and reduces fatigue and anemia. An inside-out treasure!

Breadrings with Carob: The “black gold” of history in a circular shape. High calcium content, lowering cholesterol levels, preventing osteoporosis. Different shape, same nutritional value!

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