Quality & High-Nutritional Value: Superfoods


The company owes its success to:

  • the strict control of raw materials, ensuring quality certification.
  • the pure Greek ingredients with constant quality and taste.
  • high hygiene and safety levels.
  • the deep knowledge of the traditional art of bread and breadsticks

TRADITIONAL KOULOURI THESSALONIKI’S  produces an ever-expanding range of products in innovative flavors, with a clear orientation towards snacks well-known as “super foods”.

Superfoods: The “hyper” foods!

Superfoods, in addition to their nutritional value, provide health benefits to consumers. They contain nutrients and biologically active ingredients, which contribute to mental and physical health, as well as disease prevention. Numerous scientific studies document the effectiveness of “superfoods”, deserving a high ranking in the nutritional chart.

Our company’s products are:

  • with Spirulina: Superfood fully enriched with proteins, high biological value, and multiple bioactive nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements. It works as an excellent nutritional supplement. It is considered by the American National Cancer Institute as one of the six types of food, which prevent and fight several diseases.
  • with Cranberry: The “red treasure”, highly valuable for the body’s defense.
  • with Whole Wheat flour & organic farming: Contains the entire wheat grain (endosperm, bran, germ). Ideal snacks for a diet and people who choose high nutritional value products.
  • Multigrain: High nutritional value, rich in fiber, vitamins, amino acids and nutrients. They are made from various types of cereals, such as wheat, rye, barley, oats, corn, millet seeds, sunflower seeds. They can reduce the onset of various metabolic diseases and disorders of the gastrointestinal system or improve them.
  • with Sesame seeds: Vegetable protein of high biological value, rich in amino acids, known for its antihypertensive, anticancer, anti-inflammatory properties. It helps the proper functioning of the immune system, with anti-aging properties.
  • with Linseeds: They correct imbalances of the modern diet, help the heart, constipation, and cholesterol levels. They are foods with strong aroma and taste due to the linseeds, and have great nutritional value due to the plant fibers and trace elements.
  • with Corn: Made from corn flour and flakes with a bright yellow color, soft texture and a special taste for lovers of the genre.
  • with Mix Cheese: A wonderful satisfying and tasty choice for salty lovers, ideal for snacks, plain or accompanying wine and drinks. Excellent proposal for mass catering / entertainment areas.
  • Mediterranean: Great flavor with olive oil and aromatic Mediterranean herbs.
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